Srednja skola za informacione tehnologije

The High School for Information Technologies – ITHS was established on the initiative of the High School of Vocational Studies for Information Technologies from Belgrade at the session of the Council, on April 16, 2010. In that period, the development strategy of the College envisages the creation of a multi-level system of education of information technology experts. The development of an integrated education system was based on: – The increasing use of information technology in the business and private environment in Belgrade and Serbia, which required a larger number of secondary education experts, who will be partly involved in professional work, and partly continue their education. – Insufficient number of computer electricians who attend high schools in Belgrade. – The needs of the College of Information Technology to form its own educational base at the secondary school level. According to the Decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, on February 24, 2011, the High School for Information Technology was verified in the field of electrical engineering for the educational profile of computer electrician. The vision of the School is to continuously adapt to the modern world in which we live and to enable students to be ready for the challenges they will face in the future. In accordance with that, the School is today verified for six educational profiles: electrical technician of information technologies, electrical technician of multimedia, electrical technician of computers, electrical technician of telecommunications, administrator of computer networks and technician of mechatronics. The School employs 50 teaching and 10 non-teaching staff, and the School is attended by 550 students. Students who want employment immediately after high school, or the possibility of continuing their education, can be sure that the School will meet their expectations, since education in it is primarily dedicated to acquiring practical and applicable knowledge. Professional qualifications acquired at the School include: computer engineering, IT engineering and specialization. ITHS is the first and only school in Serbia that provides dedicated education in the field of IT and which, in addition to professional knowledge, also provides basic general education. Internationally recognized certificates, basic general education and nurturing true values prepare our students to become prominent programmers, administrators and designers. Students at the School can develop professional business skills, as well as acquire advanced knowledge of foreign languages. Through its high-quality, modern, efficient and interactive teaching tailored to individual needs, abilities and interests, the School educates for the occupations required by modern society. The High School for Information Technology has taken part in EU projects, especially in the Erasmus + Program. Some members of the collective who have already participated in EU projects, provide support to colleagues in order to quickly and actively involve them. Aware of the importance of the new perspective by participating in projects, the staff and the director of the School give their full contribution to the engagement as coordinators and partners. We have participated in several local projects with other VET schools in creating the device: a solar mobile panel. a drone that measures air quality.