PR3 Description

NEEDS ANALYSIS Based on the development of SMARTaiNNOVATORS Educational Pack and the TOOL KIT, at this stage partners designed the open, interactive and dynamic cloud-based platform supported by a mobile app with various functionalities targeting VET trainers, leaders and students.

 It includes: 

• e-MAKERSPACE opportunities for the blended training 

• e-SMART LIBRARY with all developed teaching and learning material, videos, booklets etc., as well as other 

• e-COMMUNITY OF SMARTaiINNOVATORS to link all participants for potential cooperation and collaboration. 

• e- ASSESSMENT TOOL for the validation of the acquired skills based on the Open Badges 

• e- MAPPING TOOL for presenting good practices 


• FAQs on Artificial Intelligence 

• Mobile App for ease of access TARGET GROUPS The project results are used by VET trainers and students from the participating organisations during the PR4 and the setting up of the MAKERSPACES as well as during the implementation of the SMARTaiNNOVATORS Programme in various ways (e.g. summer schools, as part of the school curriculum, extra-curricular activities).

All products are internally pilot-tested by target groups individually and during the C1 mobility. INNOVATION The project promotes the introduction of AI technology accompanied with other digital skills such as game development, coding, graphic design and STEAM that VET trainers can use in transforming traditional learning into an attractive, motivating and interactive experience.

The creation of the SMART INNOVATORS VIRTUAL MAKERSPACE provides the target group with a systematic way to host, manage and exploit the new digital content is developed for the introduction of AI in schooling, the teaching of digital, coding and STEAM skills, exhibit the newly developed solutions based on the scenarios and link together a community of SMART INNOVATORS as users in order to exchange good practices, share ideas, organise competition and cooperate in new challenges and lastly validate the skills acquired.

The PLATFORM ensure the transnational character of the project, and it also serves the CASE STUDY to be pilot-tested with the spinner of lucky numbers for dealing with addictive online use. EXPECTED IMPACT The development of the multi-functional platform and mobile app is expected to empower VET trainers and teachers with new digital solutions and content to be able to support the modernisation and digital transformation of VET schooling. Through the transnational participation, all VET trainers/students shared their expertise, gain new skills, essential knowledge related to the use of AI technology in education, acquire STEAM skills highly needed for the labour market.

The EU AI Section with the FQAs is strengthen participants understanding of the AI technology, its benefits for the citizens, the business and the community, as well as it dangers and risks. The mapping tool provides them with current scene in each partner country in order to ensure the peer- review activities in PR1.

The eco-system of the Open Badges for the validation of skills can upgrade trainers and students’ skills in a visible way which motivate and encourage learning. TRANSFERABILITY The virtual SMARTaiNNOVATORS space is offering openly and free to the European Community via the platform and the mobile app to be explored and exploited further. All products and IT solutions are developed to be transferable to various sectors transnationally and can be used in various ways. The eco-system of the Open Badges ensure transferability, transparency and recognition of the new skills as AI experts. The platform is reached through the official website of the project and as part of the Erasmus+ Results platform.

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