PR2 Description

NEEDS ANALYSIS The consortium will develop the following results: – the SMARTaiNNOVATORS Competence Framework-Curriculum with inbuilt benchmarks and indicators to monitor, assess and validate students’through the eco-system of the Open Basges for introducing AI technology in education accompanied with advanced digital skills such as video game development, coding, STEAM related skills etc. based on an an interdisciplinary approach – a AI and Video Game Development Teaching Pack with multi-media resources, tools, PPTs, videos, notes etc. to be used in flexible ways based on reali-life project- based scenarios- challenges (e.g. dealing with addictive online behavious such as gabling) for students to investige, exploit, analyse and develop possible solutions – a professional development course in order to become digitally competent and confident to introduce such skills and technologies in schooling (C1 and later as a KA1 Learning Mobility) – Project-based scenario for pilot-testing the KIT which will include identification of a social problem, background information, resources, equipment, tasks, procedure etc. The scenario will be based on ‘decoding lucky-games online in the form of betting/gambling’ and they will be required to use AI technologies, video game development and graphic design to develop a lucky spinner which could predict the outcome.

TARGET GROUPS The target groups are VET trainers and leaders who will benefit from the SMARTaiNNAVORS TOOL KIT, the professional development course to be developed, from the educational pack accompanied the real-life scenarios project based etc. aiming to introduce advanced digital skills such as coding, video game development, graphic design, STEAM skills and AI technologies in schools and in the MAKERSPACES to be created. INNOVATION Further to the introduction of AI technology and STEAM skills based on real-life scenarios which is highly innovative for VET’s digital transformation, the idea of designing and sharing among partners a tailor-made SMARTaiNNOVATORS TOO KIT has an added value.

It matches fully with the EU Commission Recommendation on VET that urged MS to ‘deliver VET programmes through an appropriate mix of open, digital and participative learning environments … supported by state-of-the-art and accessible infrastructure, equipment and technology, and versatile pedagogies and tools … which increase the accessibility and efficiency of training provision, including for small enterprises’.

The SMARTaiNNOVATORS project servers the above, by developing a comprehensive methodology (competence framework, educational pack, professional training, cutting-edge equipment) accompanied by a tailor-made KIT based for the modernisation of VET schooling and the introduction of hands-on, interactive and motivating learning approaches closely linked to the labour market. EXPECTED IMPACT VET trainers will be assisted to use AI technology, advanced digital skills, game development and STEAM skills to enhance students’ learning and engagement which can transform how educational content is delivered.

The exploitation of the TOOL KIT, either during the classroom, or in the MakerSpaces to be developed in the extra-curricular time will create a motivating, challenging and interactive environment for experiential learning that will bring the VET students closer to the working environment and the needs of the labour market. Through this type of learning VET trainers/student will be the INNOVATORS- CREATORS of social and digital change for sustainable development. Vocational Education can benefit significantly as AI technology can simulate various working environments and activities thus preparing the new worker’ readiness, adaptability and resilience. TRANSFERABILITY The comprehensive SMARTaiINNOVATORS TOOL KIT will be provided off and online through e-learning material, but also in a series of webinars and podcasts to support the transferability, exploitation and sustainability.