PR1 Description

NEEDS ANALYSIS Further to the preliminary research conducted for the preparation of the SMARTAaiNNOVATORS idea, partners conducted an in-depth mapping of the current scene in order to define methodological framework to be adopted based on the specific needs and gaps of the target group, as well as all partners to be identified through peer review and based on the recommendations of the experts in each country and the EU regulations related to the AI approach to excellence and trusts.


Based on the above PR1 included the development of the following: 

– a mapping tool using Google Map to record good practices, initiatives, programmes etc., of AI technologies in the society, labor market, education etc. 

– Focus group to identify the needs of VET trainers and students, and the – national infographic with all information collected 

– peer review among countries for transnational learning 

– a Guide for AI-driven digital transformation of European Schools: methodology, approach, policies etc. 

– set up of AI Advisory Group TARGET GROUPS VET trainers and students, IT experts and stakeholders from the labour market participated in the activities planned for this set of results INNOVATION The EU positions AI at the heart of the modernization and digital transformation while urging MS to promote the acquisition of basic understanding of new and emerging technologies including AI as this helped them to engage positively, critically and safely with this technology, and be aware of potential issues related to ethics, environmental sustainability, data protection and privacy, children rights, discrimination and bias, including gender bias and disability and ethnic and racial discrimination.

The development of the interactive mapping tool with several functionalities to filter information based on set criteria for ease of access, as well as organization of peer review through study visits in order for partners to share transnational good practices and share experiences are considered innovative ideas.

The development of the GUIDE FOR AI-DRIVEN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN EUROPEAN SCHOOLS which includes the scope, rationale, methodology, risks, dangers, action plan and curricula supports all partners to promote the conceptual understanding of AI technology among all students. EXPECTED IMPACT The partnership is aware of the usefulness of such transnational sharing and learning activities that strengthen VET trainer’s profiles, practices and tools, and is expected to impact to enrich VET practices and curricula with good practices as learnt from the peer-review.

In addition, through the activities (mapping and advisory group), links and synergies between VET education and the world of work are created so that both schools are aware of the use of AI technology in jobs, whereas the labour market can contribute to the preparation of the new workers.

All the above provides evidence-based policy and research recommendations and ensure high quality standards at the stage of the development of the IT solutions using project-based approach on real-life scenarios and combination of digital skills. The development of the AI GUIDE empowers all participants, to upgrade their organisation-schools whereas it is the basis for the setting up of the SMARTaiNNOVATORS MAKERSPACES in partner countries.

TRANSFERABILITY All results in PR1 can be fully exploited by other target groups and transferred in other sectors of education. The IT tools and methodologies to be designed for the mapping of good practices and initiatives at the various levels using Google maps, can be used for other topics. The data collected and the results can be transferred and used by the regional authorities or other sectors, such as the school or HE sectors in their initiatives to upgrade their curricula. PR1 utilises efficiently and effectively EU funding with sustainable solutions and cross-sectoral products.