Emphasys Cente (Cyprus)

In June 2024, Emphasys Centre held two Multiplier Events for the smartAInnovators project. The first, on June 3 at the University of Nicosia, involved 12 VET Trainers. The second, on June 16 at the Mall of Cyprus, attracted 47 participants, including VET students, trainers, stakeholders, and university students interested in AI.

Both events included a welcome, an introduction to Emphasys Centre, a presentation on the smartAInnovators project, and details on the Blueprint Report, smartAInnovators Tool Kit, e-learning academy, and makerspace pack. After a 20-minute break, workshops tested “The smartAInnovators Lucky Game!” The second event also featured “VR Simulations with UNITY.” Each event ended with a Q&A session and feedback questionnaires.

Atlantis Engineering AE (Greece)

The multiplier event took place at a private VET centre in Thessaloniki. Students and teachers attended. The project and its objectives were presented, along with a demonstration of the project website and educational platform. After a short break, there was a discussion on the National and International Hackathons held during the project. Antigoni Krikeli, a Hackathon participant, shared her experiences. The audience was engaged and interested in learning more about the Hackathons and the projects developed. Evaluation questionnaires and project leaflets were distributed at the end, and participants were encouraged to visit the project website and sign up on the platform.

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri (Spain)

The Multiplier Event, organized by Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri, gathered VET center representatives in the Basque Country. The smartAIproject was presented at 9:30 AM in two 20-minute segments. Out of 105 invited, 62 showed interest.
Project manager Miren Arrien presented the project’s achievements, website, and platform. The first segment was in English for international representatives, and the second in Spanish for Basque VET centers. Each segment included a 15-minute overview and 5 minutes for questions. Attendees asked about student age, VET courses, and feedback.
Participants signed an attendance list and received a booklet with a QR code for the project website. During the networking session, attendees discussed the project further and were encouraged to register on the platform and follow social media for updates. The National and International Hackathon competitions were of particular interest.

Information Technology High School - ITHS (Serbia)

The multiplier event was held at “Nikola Tesla” Electrical Engineering School (ETŠ Nikola Tesla), the largest of its kind in Serbia with over 100 VET teachers across 8 departments. 58 teachers attended.
The event focused on presenting the project’s objectives and results developed by the consortium. After a coffee break, a website highlighting national and international hackathons was showcased. Aleksa Umićević shared experiences from these hackathons.
Following the hackathon discussions, the platform with learning materials and courses, including its mobile version, was introduced. Participants were urged to visit the project website for more information and to sign up on the platform using provided links and QR codes.