The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS – ) is the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) professional association of Cyprus. It is a not-for-profit private association which represents the ICT professionals in Cyprus. Established in 1984 and government by a 7-member Board elected every two years, the CCS has more than 1500 members and has been active in the areas of professional training, ICT skills certification, research and development, European projects and collaborations. The vision of the CCS is to be the leading and independent association of promotion, development and implementation of the Information Society and Knowledge in Cyprus and to maintain and upgrade the profession of Information Technology for the benefit of the society and its members. The objectives of the CCS are summarized as : • To be the main network of IT Professionals in Cyprus • To become established as the leading independent IT Certification Organisation in Cyprus • To raise the profile and promote the views of the Cyprus’ informatics professionals to other National, European and International Organizations and Institutions. • To promote the development of the Information society at all levels of the financial, professional and social activities in Cyprus through digital literacy, skills, education and training, research, and professionals. Since 1999, the CCS is the National Licensee of the ECDL – European Computer Driving Licence ( ) programme in Cyprus. The CCS is also a full and active member of CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies – ) and IFIP (International Federation Information Processing – ) and participates in technical committees and working groups of the two organizations. CCS is actively involved with other other established organisations from the public, semi-public and private sector for the promotion of the Digital Agenda and the Grand Coalition of Digital Jobs at the national level, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Energy, Tourism, Industry and Trade. It has pioneered in promoting programming for young students in various contexts, formal and non-formal and competitions at the national and international level. However, the need for extensive and structured planning among stakeholders is evident. The CCS has been active in the provision of training and certification to of ICT skills since 1999 with the introduction and successful operation and management of the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) in Cyprus. The ECDL is the pan European and internationally recognized certification for end- user ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Skills. Interested individuals of all ages, social and economic background, educational and professional status register and take the ECDL tests which cover the most common office applications at Approved ECDL Test Centres. The ECDL operates in all 28 EU countries and in more than 120 countries outside Europe, known as the ICDL – International Computer Driving Licence, covering the whole globe. Since 1999, the CCS has developed training programmes for ICT trainers and teachers of both the public and private sectors in the areas of productivity and office applications (both at the basic and advanced levels), web site design, image editing and project planning. During the period 2005-2008 the CCS undertook the implementation of a training and certification programme for the teachers of secondary education through a project awarded to the CCS by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus. As part of the project, more than 4,000 teachers of secondary education of all disciplines were trained and certified through the ECDL programme in 4 – 7 modules. During the period of March – December 2013 the CCS developed and implemented a training and certification of ICT skills programme which was offered to unemployed people of 20-45 years old.