Catchup Meetings

On 9 March 2022 the partners’ of the #smartAInnovator project, we had an online meeting to discuss the current development of the activities of the project’s first result. Until now, we have achieved the gathering of all national good practices and we also discussed about the future online focus groups. Both related to the theme of AI technology in education.

Moreover, the Consortium has already decided that the next TPM will be hosted by ATLANTIS and conducted in Thessaloniki the 14th and 15th of June!

Stay tuned and visit our website to know more:

On 8 September we had next online meeting of the Erasmus + project Smartainnovators. Apart from the current administrative matters, the progress of work on the project results was discussed. Result 1, which produces the BLUEPRINT Report, documenting the use and impact of artificial intelligence on education, citizens, enterprises and the public interest, is almost ready. On the project website, you can already see infographics presenting the current situation in the partner countries.📄